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How can you offer payment terms and get paid straight away?

How can you offer payment terms and get paid straight away?

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B2B companies are well aware that offering their customers a wide range of flexible payment options is a key factor in today's business environment. But what solutions are available on the market to achieve this? And how can you offer payment terms without taking too many risks? What are the new challenges facing the industry? Alternatives and instructions for use: Hero gives you the lowdown on how to streamline your transactions and grow your business!

A (too) traditional system

Let's face it, the payment methods offline These are no longer appropriate for the B2B segment, which is undergoing rapid digitalization, and for the growing needs of buyers in terms of payment terms (in France, the legal deadline is up to 60 days). Customers are now used to paying on their terms in their private lives, and want to continue to do so in the entrepreneurial world.

However, professionals are still wary of the sometimes long payment times, payment processing costs, risks of fraud, poor traceability of bank transactions and the often inadequate solutions offered to the online inter-branch sector. The solutions offered to the online inter-branch sector are sometimes inadequate and not sufficiently adaptable or customizable.

Indeed, if the ACH system (Automated Clearing House), which enables money to be transferred from account to account) is fast, it still leaves plenty of room for fraud. Nor does it solve the problem of payment delays.

The same applies to bank transfers, which can be costly and time-consuming, and to platforms that often require funds to be blocked prior to delivery, requiring both suppliers and customers to release all funds at once.

Faced with these difficulties and the lack of suitable solutions, companies still tend to favor off-line, with its sometimes outdated but reassuring methods.

A new Fintech solution?

Le " buy now and pay later For many companies, "deferred payment" is the right solution, enabling buyers to conserve cash while receiving their goods. However, this solution only benefits buyers, and too often forces sellers to take risks. While these payment terms make it easier for buyers to place orders with various partners (including new suppliers), they do not protect sellers from defaulting on payment once the goods have been delivered.

To rebalance the balance and solve this problem in order to implement une solution win-win The challenge was to offer companies attractive payment terms while eliminating the risk of non-payment.

This is what more and more fintechs banking players, with no-commitment offers, international positioning and the intuitive, adaptable ergonomics . By taking on the role of guarantor, the intermediary erases the seller's financial dependence and gives the buyer control over payment.

Thanks to these new kinds of companies and specialized start-ups that offer less costly and more efficient financial services by using new information and communication technologies, you can finally have a single, customizable financial ecosystem on which you can carry out all your transactions in the most efficient way. secure and paperless (account management, transfers, invoicing, fundraising, etc.).

Hero: a customizable, intuitive solution

Thanks to a customizable check-out page that hosts your transactions directly from your website, Hero facilitates the development of a long-term customer relationship and enables simple transition to digital Whatever your cash flow and whatever your form. The Hero solution is designed for marketplaces and traditional B2B companies alike.

Because it's easier to develop your business when exchanging goods is just a formality, Hero takes care with the supplier by advancing your payment and guaranteeing you against non-payment, while at the same time giving the buyer time to improve his cash flow, for simplified, uncomplicated customer relations .

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