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The benefits of online payment for B2B companies

The benefits of online payment for B2B companies

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Gone are the days of checks and bank transfers! Today, payment in the B2B sector is well and truly on the road to digitalization. And with good reason! It represents a real opportunity for all B2B players. From building loyalty and boosting sales to securing transactions, here's an overview of the benefits of online payments for B2B companies!

Towards the digitization of payment in the B2B sector

More than ever, the pandemic has acted as a catalyst for the corporate digitalization . Although this trend had already been underway for several years, it was confirmed last year. Against a backdrop of increasing competition, this phenomenon of high-speed digitization has prompted B2B companies to adapt not only their internal operations, but also their interactions with their customers (website, e-commerce, social networks, applications).

As part of this transformation in the B2B sector, payment is no exception to the rule. Indeed, while payment methods have long remained offline paper cheques in particular, they are now tending to switch to the online which offers a variety of advantageous payment solutions. And with good reason! The web has reshuffled the deck for B2B companies, turning the online payment experience into a key factor in their success. decisive lever to boost sales and build customer loyalty. Payment online bring a host of benefits for e-tailers and B2B entrepreneurs.

Secure transactions

1.1 million Internet users are victims of credit card fraud every year, and the average company suffers 29 cyber-attacks a year. These alarming figures highlight the importance of cybersecurity for B2B companies . Scams, hacking of bank and personal details, phishing: online crime has gradually created a climate of mistrust among Internet users. This, of course, has made online security a major issue for B2B e-tailers. Visit confidence-building of customers at the point of payment has become an essential pillar of their sales strategy.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to secure your customers' payments on your online sales site:

  • 3D Secure : This is a security protocol designed to prevent fraud in online transactions. It enables the payer to be authenticated as the owner of the card in question, and as the originator of the transaction request. This system is offered by Visa and Mastercard, and its principle is simple: at the time of purchase, the customer receives an SMS on his or her phone to confirm the transaction.

  • HTTPS protocol It protects the confidentiality of data transferred between the surfer's computer and the site.

  • The e-carte bleue : This software, linked to the buyer's bank, generates a unique bank card for each payment, thus preventing data theft.

  • Hero : The Hero payment solution is completely secure, enabling B2B customers to make payments to companies with complete peace of mind.

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Thanks to all these innovations confiance B2B buyers to online payments, one of the key factors for a successful good customer experience, is reinforced.

A more practical solution

While payments offline offer little diversity for B2B customers, online payments offer a whole range of payment methods. This multiple solutions is a real asset for e-tailers and B2B entrepreneurs, as it enhances the customer experience.

According to a study by Fevad (Fédération du e-commerce et de la vente à distance), 75% of consumers abandon their shopping baskets . One of the main reasons? A lack of payment options for 6% of these customers . As you can see, diversity is one of the golden rules when it comes to guaranteeing professional buyers a optimal shopping experience . A number of fintech players have made a name for themselves by focusing on this crucial point, with one objective in mind: to set up payment facilities . Hero is a leader in this field, offering B2B companies the deferred payment and the fractioned payment .

Speed at the heart of B2B online payments

Previously, cheques and bank transfers were the norm for B2B payments. However, there is a time lag between payment and receipt of the sum in the company's accounts. This time lag is often the source of cash management problems for B2B companies, as they wait to collect all their receivables.

With online payments, the speed is now at the heart of automated transactions. This makes it possible to receive payment instantly, considerably reducing the risk of late payment for B2B companies. This is the commitment made by Hero The concept is simple: your customer chooses to pay in instalments with Hero at the time of payment, but you receive the amount in your account immediately. A a pioneering solution for the B2B market !

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