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Encaissez facilement vos clients.

Acceptez les paiements directs avec un simple lien, par Whatsapp ou sms, même sans e-shop. Voilà la façon la plus simple d’être payé vite.

Get paid easily. Anywhere.

Share your payment link in a gesture to get paid directly, without a payment terminal.

Get paid in one easy step.

Send your payment requests with Hero and you will be paid faster than ever.

  • Request a payment in a flash.

  • Offer payment facilities.

  • Increase your cash flow.

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Offer flexible payments. No risk.

Your customer pays as they wish, even by card, or in installments. Funds arrive immediately, even if your customer chooses to pay later.

  • Payment in 3x, 4x or 30 days advanced by Hero.

  • All means of payment.

  • Amount paid directly into your accounts.

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Pilot everything on your Heroboard.

Hello efficiency and time saved, with a dashboard and intelligent automation of all your management.

  • Goodbye RIB, collection of payments, verifications...

  • Real-time vision.

  • Payment reconciliation.

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No more payment friction.

Take back control of your time and your cash flow.

No more manual tasks

No more pending payments

No uncertainty

Anyone can transform their finances.

Sale of services

Get paid as efficiently as if you had an e-commerce for your services.

Ready, set, go!